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Stay 99.8% Germ Free- Larica LED is on a mission to help you stay Germs & Virus free.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Germ cleaner is necessary equipment now a days as germs on your phone are not only making you sick, but they also can cause acne's & other skin related problems.

So to make your life more healthy you should clean your everyday items. But how to clean it? To wash it? it may damage the internal hardware of the phone as not all the cell phone's are waterproof. To use sanitising wipes? yes , but day after day it may spend lots of money. Here is a better way- Use UV lamp steriliser box. According to research, ultraviolet at 253.7nm can directly destroy the DNA and RNA structure of bacteria, viruses and other micro organisms & germs, FMS-1 using the UV-C lamp at both inner side to sterilise , which the wavelength of 253.7nm , only need 5mins, the sterilisation efficiency could reach 99.8%, You can disinfect your cell phone with a uv cleaning box , not only it suits for phones but also other objects like jewellery, watch, wallets, shaver, fork, knife and what not. Here is one product from the house of Larika which we think is the best buy for you to stay germ free- its the Larica Suraksha Virus Wiper.

The Larica Suraksha Virus Wiper is designed for disinfecting personal household and office belonging like mobile phones, tablets, purse, currency, covers of office files, etc. The Surakhsha Virus Wiper disinfectant box comes fitted with the trusted Philips/ Osram UVC Lamp which is ideal and for disinfecting daily household and office items within few minutes. In support of small businesses, all the raw material's are procured locally. It's a proud Made In India product. Most of the other brands are made in china which are inferior in all terms in comparison to made in India Larica Suraksha Virus Wiper. With the introductory offer price comes down to ₹ 6250/- whereas regular retail price is ₹ 7,499/-. Its very Economically priced and with the current COVID19 scenario its a must have equipment to keep at home and workplaces just like refrigerators or any other appliance, It also comes with 1 year Warranty from the manufacturer.

Techincal Specs

Outer Size - 10"x18"x14"

Sheet Thickness - 0.9mm

UV LED intensity - 254nm

UV Voltage - 33v

For Bulk Inquiries Contact:-

AHV Commercial Ventures

237/6 Satin Sen Sarani Kolkata 700054


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