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Godrej Ultra XL+ Tribolt
  • Godrej Ultra XL+ Tribolt

    ₹3,390.00 Regular Price
    ₹2,813.70Sale Price

    Superior quality rim lock with three strong bolts to protect your estate. Durable, strong and corrosion resistant, keeping you secure for years. Has a dedicated aldrop bolt which provides privacy as well as added security. Comes with advanced Ultra XL+ technology. The colour button on key aids in differentiating key of one user from the other. Bigger keyhead of Ultra XL+ key provides better grip, making it very easy to operate the lock.


    Product Code Variant 

    6086Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK Satin Steel

    6087Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK Antique Brass

    6088Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK DB Satin Steel

    6089Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK DB Antique Brass

    6090Ultra XL+ Tribolt 2C DB Satin Steel

    6091Ultra XL+ Tribolt 2C DB Antique Brass

    5762Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK outside opening Satin Steel

    5763Ultra XL+ Tribolt 1CK outside opening Antique Brass