Mixad Plywood
  • Mixad Plywood

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    Manufactured in Thailand, using only 80-100 years old Gurjan wood, Mixad plywood is world class premium plywood using only 100% Burmese Gurjan in both Face and Core. Mixad uses Melamine resins, making it boiling water resistant (BWR) as per Indian standards and its excellent dielectric properties makes it ideal for kitchenware, furniture and flooring. The natural properties of Mixad make it termite, borer and insect resistant.



    • Kitchens
    • Wardrobe
    • Wallpanelling
    • Tables
    • Flooring 


    It can be used in all type of interior applications and some exterior applications.


    Specifications :-

    • Moisture Content (%)              8 - 12
    • Specific Gravity>                     0.65
    • Nail holding strength (Kg)>    170
    • Screw holding strength (Kg)>  250
    • Adhesion of plies                     Forecefull


    Size Available only 8feet X 4feet as per international standards.